Calamity brings calm, conversation reaches crux…

Complications occur which brings about the birth of a new, lesser, calamity.

That entire string from title to first sentence occurred from around my last post in November until today, December 7th. I had to leave town because of a serious family illness. Family member is on the mend, sans 1 lung, and a calm occurred. I had a conversation with a different family member which became a sort of “Well someone [me] has to say something!” ordeal which, of course, causes complications and disaster! Temporary disaster. Completely avoidable temporary disaster.

These life events have always derailed me. In the past I would have been out of order for an undetermined (far too long) amount of time, but I have worked at getting myself to a point where I’m not really hindered for more than a few days to a week. Progress. There are a variety of factors that aid in this, not the least of which being a distance of approx. 500 miles between me and the area of destruction (the home, not the area of destruction that resides within myself).

When my psyche-train runs off the tracks, my home, work, and play are soon to follow. Since I’m updating this blog today and have managed to get quite a bit of housecleaning and laundry done since my return this past weekend, I would say that I’m several steps ahead of where I worried I would be and am quite thrilled to be here. Hopefully tomorrow I can get started on something…anything!

While I was home, I saw a few pictures hanging up in my parents’ living room that I didn’t notice, but were mine. One I remembered giving to my little brother because, for whatever reason, he really really wanted it. This is that:

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