More difficult than I expected…

I realized that updating my blog every single day was going to be hard simply because I’m usually at a loss for interesting things to talk about or present. When I find something that is noteworthy, I share it! But finding noteworthy art-related things everyday is not easy. Plus, I don’t want to bore any of you, so I feel that added pressure (certainly I put it on myself) to present something that is even the slightest bit interesting.

Tomorrow will make 1 week that I have blogged every day. That is, if I post tomorrow! Illustration Friday posted their new word today and, initially, I was counting on that to use as today’s post, but the word is “Return” and, honestly, I got nothin’. I keep thinking “Return of the Jedi” or “Return of the Mack” and “Return to Sender” one of my favorite Elvis songs (I like Elvis, but not in a I-want-a-giant-velvet-painting-of-his-head kind of way).

Since I try to keep my blog in the art-side of things, I have been wanting to post about a blog that I follow, but I haven’t figured out exactly what to say or how to present it well enough. Basically, the blog entries consist of multiple images along a common theme. It is seriously candy fo’ my eyes! So, go here: Chicquero to see the blog and let your eyes be piggies!

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  1. I often pork out daily on Chicquero posts – great recommend. I kind of like return to sender. Nothing has come to mind yet for this week’s IF, which happens more often then I like. Return goes with the theme of Easter, or it could go with spring, return to life. Hm…can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Those are awesome ideas!! I get stuck on the things I mentioned and a variety of arrow clip art…return is a difficult word to associate an image with! Thanks! 😀

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