Where do you go?…

The title is in no way connected to “No Mercy” even though as soon as I typed it, the song started playing in my head.

I took a small break from life for a while and am sort of clawing my way back in. I was hoping to have some sort of profound realization while on break; something to make me feel okay about my complete lack of ideas and motivation. The only thing I discovered was that I need to take breaks from everything and everyone more often. That whole “taking care of yourself” thing.

Do you this? Do you take breaks from living, even if it’s only a few minutes? I’m curious about others’ life process and how they go about doing their thing.

At the moment, I’m exhausted. I can’t sleep and haven’t really been able to for several days. This would be what is commonly referred to as the “manic phase” (yes, I’m air-quoting and I suggest you do the same). The downsides for mine are: impulsivity, anger, forgetfulness, run-on/garbled speech, psychosis, sleeplessness, restlessness, and more things that end in “-ness”. Bonus is that I’m no longer having all of my downsides all the time and this greatly pleases me. Lets me know that my treatment is working and, well, WOOHOO to that! Truly, the biggest bonus of all is that my brains are overflowing with ideas. Because I am not quite steady enough to execute any of them, they are getting scribbled down in my notebook so once I chill out, I can get started with new work. I like looking forward to things.

I posted some drawings on Etsy. I’m still not sure how I feel about Etsy. Sometimes I wonder if it’s more of a craft thing than a drawing/painting thing. Anyway, I finally posted (after almost a year of having nothin’ on there) and now that that’s done, I feel slightly productive. If you’re curious, go to It Does Art on Etsy and see what monstrosities await.

This is on there and I like it (and if you ever tell anyone I said that, I’ll deny it):