An Explanation

My plan is to disrupt your thinking.

Back in 2009 I started this blog with the hope that it would help me.  I wanted to leave the original 2 posts there to remind me of that time…represent the state of mind,  I suppose.  Several years ago (2004) I was put on medication that clouded my thinking to the point that I can’t recall much of that time.  It’s not even like a dream as I tend to remember dreams. And it’s not like it didn’t happen, because I catch glimpses of memories.  I just wasn’t there.  So, in a desperate move to get to who I was before I started medication, I created the blog so I would have a reason to create artwork and get my life back. Since there are only 2 posts for  2009, and none for 2010, obviously my idea was not successful.

In 2010 I stopped all of the medication. Thankfully I went to a doctor that understood what was happening and knew that I was being harmed more than helped. A life changing day.

Now it’s 2011.  I still have memory problems and I still have awful days that sometimes turn into awful weeks, but I’m not nearly as cloudy as before.  It has taken me this long (from March 2010 to now) to get to just that point.  It’s a struggle, but I’m so glad and grateful that my head is coming back.  My ideas and visions of works yet to be created are swarming around in the space that was just space before.  I won’t ever be like I was when I had started my art career almost a decade ago – before I was put on medication.  But I can get close.  And I’m sure as fuck going to try.

I’m the It that does art.


2 thoughts on “An Explanation”

  1. Bruno, thank you for such a wonderful comment! You have made my first day of 2012 excellent!

    Thanks again and thank you for reading!

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