Here is a list of links…some belong to me and some belong to people whose work I enjoy and admire.  Then there are others that just need to be on here.

Me: Facebook, personal Facebook, Etsy, and Twitter (Really, all anyone needs to do is Google “It Does Art” and you’re bound to find me somewhere)

Tina Lazzarine – Metalsmith.  Truly beautiful work; you won’t be disappointed.

James Damion – Photographer.  His photos are as stunning as his subjects.  His blog is updated daily, so be sure to follow!

Zachary Williams – New Media Extraordinaire.  If that title really existed, it would fit him perfectly.

Trick Brown – Writer.  He writes like he’s talking to you about various topics…I think that’s why I like reading his blog so much.  It satisfies that nosey voyeur in me.

Illustration Friday.  This site posts a new topic for you to illustrate and share every Friday.  If you have poor structure or just need something to look forward to on Fridays, check it out and give yo’ ass something to do!

Art:21 on PBS.  Have I watched every episode?  No.  Have I watched a choice few so many times that if it were on VHS those sections would be grainy?  Yes.  I love this program.  You should too.

Fox Bronte – Artist.  Talented, filthy, humorous, unapologetic, compassionate.  Since I have yet to come up with a complete sentence describing him, these words that crashed into my head will have to do.

The wuc.  Another guilty pleasure.  This writer is as satisfying to read as chocolate is to binge on (very).  Dirty, potty-mouthed, hilarious…just a good time, if that’s your thing.

That’s it for now.  As I find new ones, I shall post them.  Enjoy your distractions!


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