It Does not Do Art…

Heavens to Murgatroyd, I suck!  As the title clearly states, I (It) have not been doing art. Unless packing and hauling ass across the state and then sort of unpacking/tearing my hair out counts as art (it might…subjective and all that).

December 14th was my last post.  Far, far too long.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to visually offer because I thought it was a brilliant idea to do a system recovery on the Hot Bastard (my old beast of a laptop), so I have nothing on here right now.  No offerings.  My apologies.

I hope everyone has had a splendid New Year, though.  And I will be updating this bad boy very soon.  Perhaps with photos of my new work area (spoiler alert: it’s a dining room)!

If you have anything to tell me, do it!

Illustration Friday: “Explore”

I’ve been ill and I’ve done nothing but lie around, reading Pet Sematary and popping lozenges. SO, I decided to use an older drawing/painting for Illustration Friday’s word, which is “Explore”. I thought this painting (A Head, 2012) was suitable!

Stretching, stretch, stretching…

I missed last week’s I.F. – the word was “Stretch”. This is what I made and wrote.

Spindly with graceless steps, pointed toes, stretching limbs as far as possible, rushing to get off the street, hoping these sentient buildings (it’s in your head, dear) would stop with their imposing posture. Maybe the beginning of capture – “we snack on Marfan”. Maybe a respectful, welcoming gesture – “we mean you no harm as we mean nothing”. Her mind flutters with questions: “Is it a greeting or am I for eating?”

Not afraid of whimsy…

A couple of weeks ago I did two drawing/painting type pictures that Jer insisted had a “Nagel-like quality to them” (Patrick Nagel…oh how I loved him). In addition to that, they are “pretty” and colorful and not typical of what I do. Still, I have to admit that I do like them, especially because they’re out of my norm, and it was really fun to experiment.

As you know from my last entry, I have drawings posted on Etsy and decided to post these as well. While they don’t really fit with everything else in my shop, I don’t care because I don’t really fit with everything else in my head. I suppose that makes it more honest and more…me *smile and wink*. Enjoy. 🙂

Where do you go?…

The title is in no way connected to “No Mercy” even though as soon as I typed it, the song started playing in my head.

I took a small break from life for a while and am sort of clawing my way back in. I was hoping to have some sort of profound realization while on break; something to make me feel okay about my complete lack of ideas and motivation. The only thing I discovered was that I need to take breaks from everything and everyone more often. That whole “taking care of yourself” thing.

Do you this? Do you take breaks from living, even if it’s only a few minutes? I’m curious about others’ life process and how they go about doing their thing.

At the moment, I’m exhausted. I can’t sleep and haven’t really been able to for several days. This would be what is commonly referred to as the “manic phase” (yes, I’m air-quoting and I suggest you do the same). The downsides for mine are: impulsivity, anger, forgetfulness, run-on/garbled speech, psychosis, sleeplessness, restlessness, and more things that end in “-ness”. Bonus is that I’m no longer having all of my downsides all the time and this greatly pleases me. Lets me know that my treatment is working and, well, WOOHOO to that! Truly, the biggest bonus of all is that my brains are overflowing with ideas. Because I am not quite steady enough to execute any of them, they are getting scribbled down in my notebook so once I chill out, I can get started with new work. I like looking forward to things.

I posted some drawings on Etsy. I’m still not sure how I feel about Etsy. Sometimes I wonder if it’s more of a craft thing than a drawing/painting thing. Anyway, I finally posted (after almost a year of having nothin’ on there) and now that that’s done, I feel slightly productive. If you’re curious, go to It Does Art on Etsy and see what monstrosities await.

This is on there and I like it (and if you ever tell anyone I said that, I’ll deny it):

It’s not unusual…

…for me to occasionally dabble in landscape-type paintings when requested.

My Aunt Bonnie, like me, loves the sea (I’m certain it’s a hereditary thing). One of the main things she loves: Lighthouses. Aunt Bonnie = Lighthouses…always has. She asked me to make her a lighthouse picture a few weeks ago, so I did a watercolor sketch and sent it to her…and forgot to sign it. She’s a sweet stickler for things like that and demanded I make her another, SIGNED this time. I did, except this time ’round, I used acrylics.

The idea of making tapestries has been really intriguing to me lately so I decided to experiment using canvas. My intention is to slide a dowel rod through the top (replacing that nightmare thing I have in there right now) but keeping the idea of hemp twine wrapped around the edges and used as a way of hanging the painting (plus I think she’ll like the rope look combined with the painting). And, yes, it’s signed! 🙂

New body baby…

New body as in body of work. I’m not sure where I’m going with it, but I have found that I’m very attracted to poppies. Symbolically they are of great interest to me – anything that is tied to dreams is bound to pique my interest (or obsession). I’ve also noticed that the use of poppies seems to soften things up a bit for those that are turned off by my work.

I stayed with my Grandmother a lot when I was a little girl and among the variety of flowers she had (has) were poppies. They surrounded the base of 2 oak trees that I played on and around. I loved the colors – bright bloody red, sometimes tinted orange and the petals seemed so vulnerable. We sold fake poppies made by Veterans to support the American Legion. The fake poppy petals were more resilient than the real ones and I always wondered why poppies were chosen for that specific purpose. I’m sure I knew I one time, but I can’t think of it right now.

Knowing the different things poppies represent I was hesitant to use them in my work, considering the subject matter, but hopefully it will be taken as something positive, whatever the interpretation. One constant running theme with me: I mean no harm.

Illustration Friday: Lost

I’ll be honest: this was not made for this week’s Illustration Friday theme, but I think it fits very well. The word is “Lost” and the painting (“Lost and Found”) matches. This painting (6 in. x 9 in. with 1 inch border) was made a couple of weeks ago using watercolors. As usual, it contains bits of my own self image, the idea of loss, and even the eventual celebration of what loss can illuminate.

Illustration Friday: Suspend

I like the word “suspend” and the many images that could be associated with it.

In November of last year I drew a similar picture while in a hospital waiting room. The idea of being suspended by a thread passing through the navel intrigued me. Sort of the second tie to life, with the umbilical cord being the first. However, once this tie is cut, it’s over…or the end of this is followed by the beginning of a new life, depending on your beliefs.

This time ’round I drew a hand above the suspended body, with the thread wrapped around the little finger.

Illustration Friday: Refresh

With one day left, I jumped on it.  This made me miss my dojo loaches.

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