About It

I do art because it’s been my companion since childhood. Being a loner and slight weirdo, I created friends for myself through drawing pictures and writing stories. It’s an integral part of me that is painful to deny or neglect. It’s the best therapy, confidant, and offers me insurmountable amounts of stability.

I paint, draw, write, and photograph a variety of subjects. Recurrent themes in my work include nudity, brightly colored skies, unnatural landscapes, bits of macabre, and peaceful facial expressions combined with seemingly horrific bodily traumas.

I feel the main point of my work, and what I hope viewers will take away with them, is: “What is seen is not what is”. A simple life lesson that’s easily overlooked. Realizing the balanced unfairness of life — the fusion of equally beautiful and horrific events — it makes sense to represent both simultaneously. It’s the most honest response I can offer and my acknowledgement of these realities allows me to feel peace and a sort of liberation.



  1. britta326 says:

    I love this, and I hope you realize how talented you are. I am not an artist, but I do draw with my kids sometimes. If I ever get the chance I’ll show you something I drew earlier this month. It elementary at best, but I have a feeling you would understand it.

    1. It Does Art says:

      I’m glad and really appreciate you saying that πŸ™‚ Drawing is wonderful to do, no matter the skill! It’s great that you do it with your kids. My Dad colored with me when I was little (he was wonderfully bad at it πŸ˜€ ) and it always stuck with me as massively positive. I’m sure your kids feel the same. I would love to see what you drew!

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