Back to work…

Every year (or multiple times per year) I decide it’s a great idea to revamp my life. By that I mean my work and all that’s related. Perhaps it’s not the wisest decision, but refreshers are good, especially for a mind becoming stagnant.

Four pieces were completed at the beginning of January for a play. As soon as they were done and shipped out, I paused to look around my studio and realized that it had become horribly chaotic. Paint tubes scattered, tiny shreds of paper, dirty brushes, not one surface was bare, including the floor. I did what I could, which was to walk away from it for a bit over a week. It was not a relaxing time because all I could think about was getting that area in order so I could get back to work. I had been so focused on those four pieces that when they were done, I felt lost.

I finally forced myself to clean (pics to come). I’ve found that even with this clear space, my brain isn’t working the way it needs to. The empty space is in my head, not in my studio. I’m uninspired!

While I continue to draw and paint, I figured I would update this blog and post a pic of one of the paintings. If you have thoughts, inspiration, motivation, anything, tell me. Share your brains.

Unrequited | 8" x 11" | acrylic on canvas
Unrequited | 8″ x 11″ | acrylic on canvas

And it’s done…

I’m not sure how I feel about the finished product. I do know that I’ve fallen in love with Golden soft gel medium, though. So…hooray for love!

I think the bristol was a good idea, along with the canvas. I needed more coats of paint on the bristol, but it seems like it made more sense for the ravens than the canvas did, due to its smooth texture allowing more light to reflect (as with feathers).

I will be doing more work like this. Scissors are hell on my hands, but I like the idea of what could be.  If you have thoughts or ideas, share them!

Ravens1 (Large)

Rethinking the blog design…

Those that know me are familiar with my inability to keep things the same. Whether it’s my name or my furniture, I get the urge (maybe compulsion would be a better choice in this situation) to do an overhaul and I don’t feel “right” until it’s complete (or I’m distracted for a while).

I love the simplicity of this theme “Coraline” (the one I’m currently using). It’s basic, the options are good, the header is the perfect size; it’s just a great theme! Because I have a few ideas mulling around in my brain of where I want to take the blog, I’m not entirely sure if this theme will work with them. Sometimes when I feel like a change is necessary, and I put all the work in to create the change, I eventually find out that a bit of tweaking was really all that was needed. I’m sure that this situation is no different.

So tweak I will and if things get wonky, now you’ll know why!