It’s been a while…

I’m not sure how many times I’ve used that title for this blog, but I’m sure it’s been often.

And it has been a while. I don’t have much to say except I’ve been working on new drawings/paintings and want to share the newest. Prints are available in my Etsy shop.


copy (Medium)

As usual, it’s been awhile…

Typical Jenn. I always forget how long it’s been since I last wrote. I’m surprised by the amount of time that has passed. I shouldn’t be, though. Things happen, life happens, etc…

I’ve been working on boxes for the past couple of weeks. Little decorative boxes that I paint and sculpt embellishments for. I’ll post pics at some point.

For the past 30 minutes, though, I’ve been going through files on my computer. Specifically old artwork and photographs. I’ve been sorting through the past several years of my life wondering where I would be now, artistically, had I been able to keep my shit together.

Life happens.

I have prints of my ocean photographs on Fine Art America that I occasionally sell. I found the folder containing them and I wanted to share one of my favorite ones. It’s not the most colorful or interesting, but it makes me feel the most. It’s not anyone’s favorite, but mine. I call it “Pull” because that’s what’s happening. I was standing in the water at Topsail Island in North Carolina and the waves pulled back, my feet sinking into the sand. It made me dizzy, yet it grounded me. I love that feeling. I look forward to going back.

I’ll write again soon.pull (Large)

Been awhile…

I started doing art again. Tonight I revisited my early 2000s style. I think I’ll continue.

Time got away…

I keep neglecting to post here. Maybe it’s because I feel like words are required and, elsewhere, I just post pictures. So, that’s what I’m going to do for now. Post pictures.

I have been working on a few things lately, which is a big change from not working on anything. I’m also trying to learn how to make proper flourishes because I need them in my life, but it isn’t going as well as I want it to.

Next goal: To figure out this whole acrylic medium that slows drying time. Wooo! To mix in the paint or to spritz it on from a spray bottle? I don’t know yet. Hashtag learning.



…stings like a bee


I was supposed to finish this drawing in early 2014 (read: I said I would — much more of a failed promise rather than a request).  I’m only almost a year late.  Finished in record time!

I’m still proscrastinating…

…but the year is almost over, so it’s okay.  Maybe I’m getting a jump on 2015?!

For the past few months I’ve tied myself up with artwork (creating, not literally).  I’m not at my computer (thus, this might be short and stuffed with typos) so I only have one photo to post that is semi-clear.  I promise, I’ll show you more next year.  I’ll also write more about what I’ve been doing.  And will practice *technology* so I can write proper posts on my tablet or phone! 

So, here is the clearest pic of any of the pieces I’ve worked on.  It was done for a play called “Scenes from the Cliff” written by Nina Childs, first run will be in January 2015.

Thanks for reading!


Hot Press Watercolor Paper

…makes me want to cry.

I’m trying, I really am, but I am not winning at this type of paper. ¬†I’ve read comments and perused tutorials and all of that stuff. ¬†“Don’t soak it”, “Soak it for 15 minutes”, “Gesso the front and back so it doesn’t buckle”, “Only use it for drawing!”, etc…

My first attempt was using watercolor pencils. ¬†I sketched my figure out, did a bit of shading, and liked how it turned out! ¬†Then…I added water. ¬†Mistake. ¬†I only added a little bit of water, not a lot, and it was still a disaster. ¬†So, in an attempt to fix it, I added more paint/water. ¬†Of course, it got worse. ¬†The paper buckled and pilled. ¬†In some sections the paint just lifted right off, leaving my lady speckled. ¬†Frantic, I tossed aside all water-related mediums and attempted to smother her with oil pastels (that I don’t even know how to use). ¬†I was desperate. ¬†Hopeless. ¬†The painting was destroyed.

I started off my second attempt being a little cocky, giving a little sashay in my step. ¬†“I’m going to gesso the shit out of it!” and that I did. ¬†Paper didn’t buckle or pill! ¬†It made the surface a bit rough, and¬†that was okay. ¬†I lightly sketched an image on the paper, using a ruler, gettin’ my perspective right and everything. ¬†Then I added the paint — acrylic this time. ¬†Watered-down acrylic. ¬†It wasn’t the best move. ¬†It didn’t do what I thought it would do. ¬†The paint still sort of lifted off, so I reduced the water and added more paint. ¬†That seemed to help, but the background lost its subtly tinted sky and bare landscape and was replaced by rough spots and brush marks. ¬†I like dry brushing. ¬†I might even say I’m not terrible at it. ¬†But, I didn’t want to dry brush this one. ¬†I wanted it to be smooth, fluid, and pretty. ¬†It, too, is a disaster. ¬†It looks like I squeezed a whole bunch of acrylic paint on my hand and mashed it on the paper in a fit of rage. ¬†It’s terrible. ¬†I threw my brush against the table, took a hot shower and cried while in the shower.

I’m a basket case. ¬†I’m not giving up, though. ¬†Today is a new day! ¬†A new day to completely wreck anything I touch! ¬†A new day to make a zillion more mistakes, possibly cry some more, but also figure out what I did wrong and try something else. ¬†I thought that what I was doing wrong was to even attempt to do any artwork at all, but I need to nudge that out of my head with a hard elbow. ¬†Maybe. ¬†I’m full of self-doubt today.

If you have comments or advice, I’d love to hear them! ¬†In fact, I think I need it.

Sketchbook Project 2014…

Every year I do the Sketchbook Project offered by the Art House Co-Op in Brooklyn, NY. And every year I don’t send a damn thing in. ¬†Well, last year I did. ¬†I think. ¬†It’s just that I get so excited about it and then completely drop the ball because of a variety of factors: fear, fear of being judged, fear of…being judged. ¬†And fear. ¬†Of being judged.

It (me) = Total Wuss.

I think that’s what it is. ¬†Plus, I feel like I have absolutely zilch to offer. ¬†Who wants to see drawings of dismembered humans whispering secrets to other, naked, humans surrounded by red ribbons? ¬†No one, that’s who. ¬†I haven’t drawn that yet, but it’s in the works.

Until then, here is an in-progress picture (self-portrait type thing) of me whispering to me.

sketchbook project

World of Art Showcase: Raleigh

From November 1st to November 3rd Raleigh’s convention center hosted the World of Art Showcase, sponsored by our favorite art store, Jerry’s Artarama. ¬†In trying to think of how to describe the event, all I can hear in my head is “Wow”. ¬†That’s about all I’ve been able to express about it during and after. ¬†It was so awesome that it turned me stupid.

I was initially excited to go, then I hit a couple weeks where my insecurities about my own art and my own life made me rethink my excitement and ask myself “Why even bother?”. ¬†I told Jer, the husband, that I didn’t buy tickets (that I had intended to buy weeks prior) and after a few days’ worth of conversation and his pushing, I bought the tickets and we went.

As you may know from previous posts, he doesn’t consider himself an “art guy”. ¬†Frankly, the art world freaks him out so much so that he thinks of the “art world” as an actual parallel universe that exists in quotations where he would be an alien lost in a group of artists that wear scarves year round, speak only in color, and eat with palette knives. ¬†I’m assuming this is what goes through his head, anyway, as any mention of him being around people that do art causes his eyes to widen and his pulse becomes clearly visible in his temples. Over the course of those 3 days, however, he learned that these people are humans who not only do art, but they also like pizza, action figures, and enjoy dropping f-bombs when appropriate. ¬†This was good for him.

It was great for me, too. ¬†I was exposed to work that I don’t think I ever would have otherwise been exposed to if not for this event. ¬†And as you may know from my history, there are still days where I feel like opening my front door will bring about death and destruction for all of mankind, however I did make it out of the front door, drove all the way into the city for those 3 days, and I talked to people. ¬†‘Sup. ¬†I kind of feel like I deserve to shout-whisper a “Fuck yeah!” and perhaps shoot my fist into the air. ¬†Only a few times did I have issues with dissociation, so that was pretty sweet too. ¬†Yeah therapy! ¬†WOO!

Within the next couple of days I’m going to get my photos together (I didn’t take nearly enough and am disappointed with myself about that) and get them on here. ¬†Until then, here’s some pizza (it was yum).


Etsy shop update…

I can’t remember how long it’s been since I put work in my¬†Etsy shop, but I know it’s been a looooong time. ¬†It’s also been a long time since I updated this blog!

At the moment, there are only 4 ACEOs in my Etsy shop. ¬†Halloween themed ones because, well, Halloween is awesome (as if I have to tell you that)! ¬†It’s the best excuse to dress up as someone else or dress up as a sluttier version of yourself! ¬†Everybody wins!

Here is an Owl.