Rethinking the blog design…

Those that know me are familiar with my inability to keep things the same. Whether it’s my name or my furniture, I get the urge (maybe compulsion would be a better choice in this situation) to do an overhaul and I don’t feel “right” until it’s complete (or I’m distracted for a while).

I love the simplicity of this theme “Coraline” (the one I’m currently using). It’s basic, the options are good, the header is the perfect size; it’s just a great theme! Because I have a few ideas mulling around in my brain of where I want to take the blog, I’m not entirely sure if this theme will work with them. Sometimes when I feel like a change is necessary, and I put all the work in to create the change, I eventually find out that a bit of tweaking was really all that was needed. I’m sure that this situation is no different.

So tweak I will and if things get wonky, now you’ll know why!