It Does not Do Art…

Heavens to Murgatroyd, I suck!  As the title clearly states, I (It) have not been doing art. Unless packing and hauling ass across the state and then sort of unpacking/tearing my hair out counts as art (it might…subjective and all that).

December 14th was my last post.  Far, far too long.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to visually offer because I thought it was a brilliant idea to do a system recovery on the Hot Bastard (my old beast of a laptop), so I have nothing on here right now.  No offerings.  My apologies.

I hope everyone has had a splendid New Year, though.  And I will be updating this bad boy very soon.  Perhaps with photos of my new work area (spoiler alert: it’s a dining room)!

If you have anything to tell me, do it!

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